Why spring cleaning can help you achieve your health and fitness goals

Are you preparing to give your house its annual spring clean? Believe it or not, there’s more to be gained from this activity than simply having a spick and span living space.

That’s because clutter is present in our lives in all sorts of different ways – physically, mentally and emotionally. For instance, physical clutter could be a fridge packed with expired foods, clothes that no longer fit and books you no longer need, while emotional or mental clutter could be draining relationships or negative self talk.

When you spring clean your house, you’re doing more than just that, you’re ‘spring cleaning’ on all sorts of different levels that you’re not consciously aware of.

So, how can clearing your house of clutter help you achieve your health and fitness goals? If you continue to keep foods in your house that don’t positively support your body and goals, chances are, you won’t be able to meet them. And having negative thoughts that you ‘are not deserving’ or ‘will never achieve your goals’ can also act as another barrier preventing you from where you want to get to.

Here are the top ten benefits of clearing your clutter:

  1. You will feel less anxious – clutter is usually made up of stuff that is either junk, unfinished projects or things that need to be handled rather than avoided. All of these looming messages in your environment, are like trying to tuck a bad memory away instead of dealing with it head on.
  1. Your days will be more productive – when you don’t have physical obstacles like piles of paper staring at you, you’re more likely to get more done in less time.
  1. You may lose some weight – excess clutter can be linked with excess weight. Our environments are an external mirror of our internal mind and life, when you free yourself of extra stuff, the pounds tend to fall off too.
  1. You’ll be free of emotional stagnation – releasing things that you are holding on to from the past will help you feel more free and present.
  1. Your mental focus will sharpen – clear spaces and countertops are a Feng Shui way to express mental energy. Mental energy helps you to think sharply and zero in on the tasks that are most important to you.
  1. Your creativity can flourish – when you shake yourself free of ‘stuff’ you don’t need, you become open for energy to flow freely.
  1. You’ll get allergy relief – stuff collects dust, chemicals, mites, bugs, and even mould.
  1. You’ll be open to opportunity – you may find money and/or greater opportunity both personally and professionally.
  1. You’ll get a self-esteem boost – clutter decreases our self-esteem with reminders of things we don’t need or want to see.
  1. You’ll have more energy and be happier! – when there is nothing impeding your environment, you increase your chances of generally feeling lighter and having more energy.

Not sure where to start? The most effective way to clear your clutter is to start small and build momentum, this will give you more energy to tackle the larger spaces. Also, don’t fall into the trap of taking on too much at once, complete one area at a time and remember to clear out your rubbish/items as you go so that you can clearly see your progress.

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