Studio members rise to the challenge of Olympics-themed Circuit Mixx

Studio members recently got into the spirit of the Rio 2016 Olympics when they took part in a special Olympics-themed Circuit Mixx class.

We dedicated our Circuit Mixx class on August 5 (the first day of the Games) to the Olympic Games, which saw members embark on a series of Olympics-themed exercises.

The Studio owner, Nicola Carless, said: “What better way for us to mark the start of the Games than by dedicating our Circuit Mixx class to it! It was a fantastic hour-long workout and everybody who took part really enjoyed the Olympics twist!”

Olypic class

Circuit Mixx is held at The Studio at 6pm on Tuesdays and 6.30pm on Fridays. Got any questions or want to find out more? Contact us on Alternatively, you can find out more by visiting our Classes page.