Back to school: How to get the new term off to a flying start!

Like it or not, a new school term has started and if it hasn’t, then it’s just about to start.

It’s a milestone that impacts parents and children. And while it can have different repercussions for both parties, there’s one thing in particular that can play a major role in just how smoothly everything goes.

A good routine.

As obvious as it sounds, having a good routine is beneficial for adults and children alike, and the sooner it’s implemented, the better. Read on for our best practice advice on establishing a good routine.

Make time for fitness

It goes without saying that your children need to move. Literally.  Sitting for long hours in the classroom and on the bus or train can hinder their ability to concentrate and actually lower their energy levels.

If your school doesn’t offer regular PE classes, get your child involved in some kind of exercise routine. Not only are their grades more likely improve, but they’ll be less stressed in general and more able to handle the pressures that school brings.

Create a structured schedule

Your children have probably grown accustomed to low pressure schedules during their time off school. But when school starts, having a schedule is critical. There are only so many hours each day to fit in school, homework, extra-curricular commitments and chores. Make it all work by creating a schedule that your children can easily follow.

Establish a sleep schedule

Almost without realising it, we tend to slip into a different sleep pattern during the summer, with later nights resulting in later waking up times. However, when school starts, your children need to be on a totally different sleep schedule, otherwise they’ll struggle to get up in the mornings.

Putting their bed times and wake times back 15 minutes each day, is a highly effective way of getting them back into school mode and establishing a more school-friendly sleep schedule.

Share the load

The only way to make a busy household run smoothly is for everyone to have their own duties. Assign each of your children age-appropriate chores to do. Offer rewards for a job well done and give additional chores for non-compliance. It may sound harsh, but pulling together certainly works!

Get planning

Buy each of your children a planner (ideally, you want them to get used to using it before the new term starts). The more familiar they are with their planner, the easier it will be for them to use it when classes and other activities get underway.

Encourage them to write in their class schedule, their homework schedule, their sports and club schedules and even their chore routines.

Going back to school doesn’t have to be a major stress. With a little planning and an established routine it can deliver countless benefits for the entire family.

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