Ladies – transform your bodies in just four weeks with KSFL Bromsgrove Platinum

Imagine if you had more energy, felt fitter and could sleep through the night.

And imagine if you could feel this way in just four weeks.

Well, you can stop imagining.

Available exclusively at The Studio from October 3, the Bromsgrove KSFL Platinum Package is a four-week transformation programme designed specifically for women who:

  • Have hormone imbalances
  • Might be pre or post menopausal
  • Have trouble sleeping and high stress levels
  • Are struggling with weight loss

Each four-week programme caters for four women at a time, which means you get to benefit from highly personalised training at a fraction of the usual cost of such dedicated support. You’ll also receive your very own bespoke nutrition programme to follow.

The four-week programmes include:

  1. Three daytime training sessions a week on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at The Studio, Bromsgrove from 12.15pm to 1pm. (These sessions are designed to help you lose weight and are tailored to your fitness level).
  2. A bespoke nutrition programme.
  3. Online support.
  4. Online workouts.
  5. A KSFL manual.
  6. A KSFL nutritional recipe book packed with 30 breakfast recipes, 30 lunch recipes and 30 dinner recipes.

Nicola Carless, owner of The Studio and KSFL Bromsgrove franchisee, said: “This pioneering programme is perfect for women who’ve tried lots of diets, but just haven’t been able to see the results that they’d hoped to achieve.

“What’s more, with each programme only catering for four women at a time, you virtually receive personal training at a far more affordable price than the usual cost of receiving such dedicated support.

“If you prefer to exercise with just other women and want to see results within weeks and not months, then this is the programme for you.”

To book your place or to find out more about the KSFL Bromsgrove Platinum Package, which costs just £150, email More information about KSFL Bromsgrove can be found at