Class of the Month: Step Mixx

What is it?

Step Mixx, or step aerobics, involves stepping on and off platforms, with or without risers using choreographed moves and to energising music.

Why do it?

The benefits of taking part in step aerobics classes are vast and include weight loss and maintenance and increased cardiovascular endurance. It can also help alleviate stress.

Quick facts about Step Mixx (step aerobics)

  1. It was created by Gin Miller, a competitive gymnast and founding member of the Reebok University Master Trainer team. After suffering a knee injury, Gin consulted with an orthopedic doctor, who suggested stepping on and off a milk crate would strengthen the muscles that support the knee. This is how she developed the idea for step aerobics.
  1. By adding music in the background, step aerobics became more than just about a form of exercise, it became a fun way to get fit. Gin sold her idea to Reebok in 1989, and by the 1990s, step aerobics was all the rage.
  1. The concept behind step aerobics is relatively simple, but the specific moves can range from very easy to extremely advanced. The longer you work out and the more challenging the moves, the more calories you burn.

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