Class of the Month: Legs Bums & Tums (LBT) Mixx

What is it?

Legs Bums & Tums (LBT) Mixx is a low impact conditioning class that’s designed to target women’s most common problem areas.

This form of exercise has been around for years, (back in the day, it used to be taught mainly using floor exercises!) Like most forms of exercise, it’s evolved over time. Our LBT Mixx classes offer the most up-to-date version of the legs bums and tums moves.

Why do it?

This particular class focuses on reshaping the lower body and is suitable for all levels of fitness. So, if you want great looking legs, a firmer bum and a tighter tum (no more muffin tops!), this class is just for you!

Three key benefits of taking part in LBT Mixx (in addition to toning your legs, bottom and stomach!)

It can help:

  1. Increase your stamina, strength and endurance.
  2. Improve your overall flexibility and mobility.
  3. You burn calories. Anywhere between 250 to 350 calories in one session, depending on how much effort you put in.

Got any questions or want to find out more about LBT Mixx at The Studio? Get in touch by emailing us at