The Studio’s guilt-free guide to getting through Christmas

Hoorah! Christmas is coming! Time to sit back, take a well-deserved break and indulge yourself in fun times, good food and great company.

But wait a minute – what about the healthy eating and exercise regimes you’ve been following all year? Where do they fit amongst the endless parties and festive treats and meals galore?

Surely, it’s not possible to follow them too when your schedule’s busier than ever and there’s the constant lure of tempting food and drink all around you?

Yes, it is, if you’re realistic about the situation. Trying to maintain your weight is far more achievable than trying to lose any weight during the Christmas break – if you want to enjoy it, rather than feeling permanently miserable, that is.

Here are some tips on how you can enjoy Christmas and maintain your weight:

TIP 1: Don’t skip breakfast

When you’re off work, you might not follow your usual routine, which includes having breakfast every morning. However, this is one of the worst things you can do as people who eat breakfast consume fewer calories than those who choose to skip it. It’s not called the most important meal of the day for nothing!

TIP 2: Think about your portions

While it might be tempting to have any extra slice of turkey on Christmas Day or some extra roast potatoes because too many have been cooked and they’ll end up in the bin, stop yourself! Portion control is key to ensuring you don’t tip the scales come the New Year and should still continue to be followed during the Christmas period.

TIP 3: Log your food

What better way to take more of a controlled approach to what you’re consuming, than by logging it! Keeping a food journal tells it how it is – especially if you’re being honest with yourself and making a note of everything you eat and drink, right down to that last Quality Street green triangle or spoonful of Christmas pud.

TIP 4: Make time for exercise

Yes, I know you’re busy! But there’s no reason why you still shouldn’t be able to squeeze in the shortest of workouts. Even moderate intensity workouts can burn 300 to 400 calories per hour – how else are you going to keep on top of that rich, calorie-packed food you’re eating?

TIP 5: Stay focused

With no usual routine in place, lots of gatherings and parties and even more delicious food and drink around, it can be challenging to maintain your weight. Every day, stay focused and remember just how great you’ll feel when it gets to January 1, and your weight has remained constant.


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