Class of the Month: Bootcamp


What is it?

Bootcamp at The Studio is a four-week programme designed to kick start you back into eating healthily and exercising regularly.

Why do it?

You get 45 minutes of indoor fun, fat-burning group personal training sessions, three times a week at The Studio, along with our nutritional formula programme that includes cutting-edge nutritional advice, healthy eating plans and fat loss tips to ensure you get the best results in just four weeks!

Three key benefits of taking part in Bootcamp

  1. You can burn 6 hours’ worth of calories in just 45 minutes and carry on burning calories for up to 48 hours
  2. You never do the same workout twice, which is great for your body as it will never adapt to the exercise and you will never plateau!
  3. Bootcamp is all about team environment where both your trainers and fellow bootcampers motivate and challenge you to reach your highest potential.


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