Birthday bucket list: 50 things for my 50th

The Studio’s owner, Nicola Carless, is celebrating an extra special birthday at the end of this year – her 50th.

And to mark this important milestone, she’s decided to set herself not one, but 50 challenges!

That’s right! Nicki has set her sights on achieving 50 things over the next two years. Here are just some of the actions she’s looking to tick off her 50th birthday bucket list:

  • Buy a bicycle and go for at least one bike ride a week – since not being able to run anymore due to having Plantar Fasciitis in both feet, I miss running and being outside. Running was a good de-stressor for me, so I’m hoping that cycling will help me to replace the running buzz I miss so much
  • Go back to buying vinyl again – I used to love buying records when I was younger! I just don’t get the same thrill when buying a cd or downloading tunes, so I want to go back to buying vinyl and using my record player!
  • Go up the Eiffel Tower
  • Declutter – I want to declutter my house, my life and my business! I want to get rid of anything that weighs me down or no longer serves me. I’m terrible at keeping stuff so this will be a big challenge for me. However, I know it’ll benefit me in every way!
  • Keep a gratitude journal
  • Go on holiday to Cuba – and while I’m there, have salsa dance lessons and dance at a salsa club
  • Take part in a sky dive – I’ve been wanting to do a sky dive for years and have never got around to it
  • Go on a wellness/fitness retreat – I plan to run one of my own in the near future, so am looking to do this as research
  • Conquer Zip World Velocity – this is the longest zip wire in Europe and the fastest in the world!
  • Go to Graceland – and pay homage to The King

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