KSFL Bromsgrove Eight-Week Transformation Programme: Julia and Nicky – our story

KSFL Bromsgrove’s first Eight-Week Transformation Programme took place at the end of last year.

Each and every one of the members embarked on their own individual journeys, which saw them review and reassess many of their current lifestyle habits and make changes that will benefit their health and well-being for the rest of their lives.

Here, two of the members share their first-hand experiences of taking part in this pioneering and highly successful programme:


Before KSFL I felt I needed to ‘do something’, but wasn’t feeling it mentally until I went to the evening talk at The Studio with Rachel Holmes. The correlation between the food you eat and hormones and their effects, really resonated with me. I knew I was well overweight and bloated beforehand, I also suffered from permanent indigestion/heartburn and my clothes were too tight or didn’t fit at all.

I’d taken part in kick start and boot camp in the past and had lost weight from doing both however, I put the weight back on over a two-year period.

I tried to be active before taking part in this KSFL programme, but I found I made more of a concerted effort whilst on the programme.

I thought I slept well enough before, but I did have to get out of bed once, or sometimes twice, for the loo after about 2-3 hours sleep. Since the programme, I sleep for a lot longer before needing the loo (5-6hrs) and sometimes all the way through. I have less need for afternoon naps and am more generally more active and alert.
I also feel a lot less bloated too. The permanent indigestion has gone (thank goodness) and the pain I had in some joints has disappeared. I’ve had no migraines since the start of the programme, have more ‘bounce’ in my step, and generally feel happier with the way I look in my clothes.

My fitness levels have definitely improved too. I’m less out of breath with day-to-day movement. People have also noticed I’ve lost weight, which is always a bonus!
These days, I try to do one extra class a week, walk more if time allows and take the stairs, not lift, if possible. I also do crunches, sit-ups and leg exercises at home when I can.
For me, the main benefits of attending the programme have been the fact that my migraines, joint pain and indigestion/heartburn have all gone. I no longer snack or get out of breath so quickly. I also have a greater understanding of food and its relationship with how your body responds to it, which means making wiser choices so much easier because it’s not just about the weight.

I would recommend this programme to anyone, as it’s so much more than a weight loss programme.


Before KSFL, I felt overweight, tired, stressed and generally weighed down. I had a choice – I could either just exist that way and be a blob on the sofa for the rest of my life or I could try something new.

I’ve tried lots of different things to try and lose weight in the past, including willpower, Rosemary Conley and Weightwatchers. I’ve had some success with each of these methods, but the weight just went back on, as I found none of the plans were sustainable, and in some, I felt deprived. 

Before taking part in the programme, I had been quite active, exercising 2-3 times a week. Then I had the period of ill-health where I managed very little in the way of exercise.

I used to sleep like a log, but more recently worries and then the onset of menopause meant that my sleep became very broken. This meant that I was very tired during the day and often had to take naps, particularly in the afternoons.

My energy levels are much better now. The difference between my fit tests in week 1 and 8 was massive! I’ve a little way to go on managing my stress levels, but they’ve also reduced since I started the programme. 

I’ve managed to get back to three exercise sessions a week, which has helped enormously. I’m also committed to do more at home and have recently bought a small medicine ball so that I can do some of the HIIT exercises.

I’m managing to sleep for more hours at night – a combination of better diet, minimal alcohol and more exercise. Menopausal hot flashes are now also much less at night, which is a huge benefit! I do still have the odd cat-nap, but they are reducing and I’m still adapting after my period of ill-health.

As a result of the programme, my skin is better and I feel healthier all round. I went to buy some trousers and had to get a smaller size – a fantastic feeling!  My stomach is flatter and I generally feel better in my clothes. People have also noticed that I’ve lost weight and got a bit of my shape back. I think that the extra weight was contributing to aches in my knees and ankles and these are almost non-existent now.

The programme has given me a lot of confidence in making better choices for my body. It’s become more of a way of life rather than just a short weight-loss programme. I’m going to continue to follow the plan over the next few weeks and hope to keep up the momentum before I start the 12-week course in January. 

Do you want to improve your life the way Julia and Nicky have done? Book yourself a place on our 12-Week Transformation Programme, which starts on Thursday, January 19, by emailing nicolacarless@aol.com.