3 tips for staying on track with your fitness goals

Are you struggling to stay on the fitness bandwagon? Or perhaps you’ve not got back into the swing of working towards your fitness goals just yet?

Just because we’re already a month into the New Year, doesn’t mean you still can’t get back on track with your fitness goals. There are still 11 months of the year to go, after all!

There are all sorts of reasons people struggle to stick to their health and fitness routines, from vaguely telling themselves when they’re going to do it, to just simply not thinking about it enough, especially if they’re particularly busy in their work, home life or both.

Sound familiar? Read these three tips, they’re designed to help you make sure you get back on track with your fitness goals, once and for all!

TIP 1: Establish the right mindset

There’s little point in telling yourself you’re going to exercise, if you don’t actually mean it, is there? It’s probably the reason why you’re struggling to get on track with your exercise right now!

As obvious as it sounds, you need to be clear in your mind that you want to exercise and that your chosen method of exercising is what you want to do. Once you’ve established this, then focus on the main reason why you want to exercise, for instance, you may want to feel fitter when you’re playing with your family or lose shape for your summer holiday. If you’ve got an end goal in mind, you’re more likely to stick your exercise objectives too.

TIP 2: Plan ahead

I know how busy you are and how many things you most probably have to already think about and plan for, but one of the main reasons why people drop their exercise routine (or fail to start it) is because they’ve failed to plan it into their lives.

As simple as it sounds, asking yourself when you have time to exercise and how long for each week and then writing it down in your calendar or diary will help make sure it happens. Plus, writing it down will make you more accountable for seeing it through rather than just simply saying you’re going to do it, as we all know what that leads to…

TIP 3: Find a friend

It’s widely reported that people who work out with an exercise partner are more likely to see their exercise through because they’ve got that extra bit of support and motivation.

Think about how bad you feel when you don’t go to that exercise class you’re supposed to go to every Thursday morning and then think about how much worse you feel when your exercise partner asks you where you were and why you didn’t show up? You’re more inclined to go if you’ve got somebody to go or work out with, aren’t you?

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