3 top tips for staying slim and trim this summer

Isn’t the summer just great?! You can pack away your winter wardrobe, ladies can get their legs out, men can get their chests out and we all get to bask in the sun either in the UK or abroad.

People generally tend to feel happier and brighter and have a spring their step. But hold that thought….you see, summer is also the time when people tend to get laid back about their exercise routines. I mean, why would you want to be stuck inside doing a sweaty class when you could be outside relaxing in the sun?

Unfortunately, this happens a lot. People putting their health and fitness on the back-burner during the summer and then picking it up again when the weather goes downhill. However, these habits have consequences, mainly the fact that people tend to pile on the pounds and generally look and feel a lot less healthier.

Sound familiar? If so, follow these three tips, they’re designed to make sure you stay fit and continue to look fab, not just during the winter, but the summer too.

TIP #1: Get at least seven hours sleep a night

We all know that the days are longer during the summer and the extra sunshine we get, can make our natural cycles change, so that we feel as though we can get along on less sleep.

Unfortunately though, if we don’t get enough ZZZZs, then this can cause our bodies to put on more weight. It may be tough to stick to, but make sure you get at least seven hours a sleep a night, your body – and your waistline – will thank you for it!

TIP #2: Keep moving!

When it’s hot, we can tend to want to move around a lot less and we don’t have as much energy as usual. But the less you move around, the slower your metabolism gets, which means the fewer calories you burn.

We’re not saying you should run a marathon in the heat of the day, but if you can stay active (within reason), then make sure you do so!

TIP #3: Continue to eat clean

Summer time is the time when a lot of people tend to go away, which involves road trips and flights. And people obviously tend to get peckish on these trips too, don’t they?!

While it might be easy to grab a chocolate bar or tuck into that on-flight bacon roll that smells delicious, resist the temptation! Instead, pack a bag with healthy alternatives, such as carrot sticks and homous, nuts and lean proteins, such as chicken, or grab a couple of pieces of fresh fruit.

Summer is the time when people’s hard work tends to get easily and quickly unravelled. Don’t let this be you! Follow these tips and stay on the right path to remaining slim and trim this summer!

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