Summer Body Shape Up pays off for The Studio members

Our latest Summer Body Shape Up programme has come to an end and the results that everybody’s achieved in just 14 days are absolutely amazing!

The programme is aimed at, among many things, to get their bodies summer-ready.

And it’s great for everybody, regardless of their current fitness levels, as members can decide which sessions they want to take part in. The sessions are also designed so that there’s something for everyone.

So, programme recap aside, here’s a glimpse of how well some of our members have done this time around, together with their comments!

Summer Body Shape Up success story 1:

‘I’ve lost 14.5lbs and 14.75inches!  I’m so happy with these results, my skin is better, I’m sleeping better and my energy levels are higher.

‘I’m smiling more, am more confident and I feel positive for the future…’

Summer Body Shape Up success story 2:

‘So, I’ve lost a total of 8 inches, not counting my chins! And I’ve lost 11 pounds, this week I didn’t lose as much weight, but noticed the inches more, and that’s all that matters!’

Summer Body Shape Up success story 3:

‘At beginning, I was 187.5 inches. Today, I’m 177! That’s 10.5 off all over!

‘I’m really pleased. I’ve enjoyed the clean eating, feeling positive, having better skin, feeling less tired and generally feeling happier in myself. I’m now going to continue for another 2 weeks to see how much more I can lose before my holiday.’

Summer Body Shape Up success story 4:

‘I’ve lost 1 stone and 9 inches in total over the two-week programme and am really pleased with the result. This is not over for me, I will continue to follow the plan and do the exercise.’

Summer Body Shape Up success story 5:

‘I lost 9lbs and 9 inches over the two weeks. Thanks to everybody for your help and support. I’ve realised that I definitely feel better when I eat a clean diet.’

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