Back to school: Advice for getting back into a routine again

It’s happening again, isn’t it? The school summer holidays are flying by, as they always do.

Before you know it, the schools will be back, holiday season will be over and everybody will be back into their usual routines again.

But with six weeks off, it can be difficult to remember what that routine looked like before you broke up. Sound familiar? Follow our back to school advice for establishing a good routine:

Think about getting up earlier – now!

While it might be great for your children to be lying in during the summer holidays, these lie-ins aren’t going to be happening when they’re back at school, are they?

Make it easier for them to get up early for school by setting their alarm clocks 15 minutes earlier each day, the week before they go to school.

That way, that 7am get-up won’t be such a shock the system when it is time for them to go back to school.

Get planning

While lists and forward planning might not be for everybody, planners are a great way for you and your children to keep tabs on who’s doing what every day.

If you can, buy some planners for your children now, so that they can start plotting when their classes, after-school clubs and study time is now. They’ll be uber-organised come the start of the new school term and they’ll hopefully be less panics too!

Invest time in exercising

We know you’re busy, but exercise is a fundamental part of living a healthy, balanced life and it applies to your entire family, children included too.

If your children don’t take part in many physical activities at school, make sure they’re getting their quota of exercise in when they’re at home. It’s widely proven that exercise can help reduce stress and improve concentration levels.

Make sure everybody chips in

It’s common for the lion’s share of chores to fall to certain people within the family however, if you were to get into the habit of getting everybody on board, then things will get done with less hassle and a lot quicker.

Give your children age-appropriate tasks to do, whether that’s watering the plants in the living room, stacking the dishwasher or feeding the pet hamster, collaborative effort is the key to a smooth-running household.

We hope you find these nuggets of advice useful and start using them right away. Establishing a routine that works for everybody is really important to ensuring that life is more manageable for every single member of your family.

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