Four top tips for switching off during your holiday

We live in a 24/7 world. A world where we can access emails the moment they come in and where people can get hold of us pretty much wherever we are.

While there are lots of benefits to be had to living in this digital era, it can be difficult for people to truly switch off. For instance, lots of people take a break, but then still check their emails every day – that’s not switching off.

Establishing a healthy and fit lifestyle involves being kinder to ourselves, no matter how busy we might be. This means, where possible, if you’re on holiday, then make sure you treat the time as that, a holiday, where you can switch your brain off and recharge your batteries.

Here are our top three tips to enable you to do just that:

TIP 1: Have a lie in

The older we get, the less sleep we tend to get/need. But if you’re able to, make sure you sleep in a little bit longer while you’re on holiday. Yes, you’ll have to readjust when you’re back off holiday, but if your body needs more sleep, then give it what it needs.

TIP 2: Relax by the pool

If there’s a pool on holiday, make sure you sit beside it. You may just want to lie there or, if you like to always be doing something, read a book or perfect the photos you’ve just taken on your phone. There’s something about sitting beside water that brings instant relaxation.

TIP 3: Venture out when it’s less busy

Sight-seeing and being surrounded by hoardes of people can instantly stress people out. Instead, choose where you are going to go, but make sure you do it outside of peak hours. First thing perhaps or towards the end of the day when the crowds start to die down.

It’s important you listen to your body when you’re at home and on holiday. Being kinder to yourself will help ensure you’re less likely to burn out and more able to take whatever comes at you, in your stride.

TIP 4: Ease off on your ‘to do’ list

If you have some time off and stay at home, it can be difficult to completely switch off, as there are always jobs staring you in the face. Where possible, put your ‘to do’ list on the back-burner or just do a couple of jobs here and there while resting in between.

While it can be tempting to quickly sneak a peek at your emails or do some jobs while you’re off, try and learn to take it easy when you’re on holiday. Your body and brain will thank you for it.

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