The benefits of strength training for women – revealed

What’s the deal with lifting weights? Is it just about getting perfect pecs or a washboard stomach? Or is there something more to pumping iron?

There are lots of advantages to lifting weights and it’s not just for men or bodybuilders either! Here’s a quick overview of some of the key benefits of strength training for women.

BENEFIT 1: Muscle mass

Having muscle is actually really important.

While exercise does burn calories, people only tend to work out a few hours a week. If you want to increase the amount of fat you burn, then you need to increase your metabolism, particularly your resting metabolic rate.

It’s proven that people with more muscle mass burn more calories even when they’re at resting. As a person ages, their metabolism naturally slows down, leading to gradual weight gain. Muscle is a great way to counterbalance the body’s natural slowdown, and the earlier a person starts, the easier it will be to maintain that muscle over time.

BENEFIT 2: Bone health

As people get older, the chances of them experiencing bone loss increases. This is particularly common for women who are experiencing menopause, as it can lead to their bones breaking more easily.

Weight-bearing exercises, such as strength training, strengthens bones, minimises natural bone loss and reduces the risk of injury.

You won’t find an exercise that’s more weight-bearing, although others are to some degree, than strength training.

BENEFIT 3: Disease prevention

It’s widely proven that strength training can help reduce the risk of conditions and diseases, such as heart disease and diabetes.

Insulin sensitivity is one of the key things that impacts a person’s ability to develop diabetes and regular strength training helps keep your tissue cells more responsive to insulin. This means that if you eat carbs, then your body will be able to utilise them better and direct it towards your muscle rather than your fat cells.

BENEFIT 4: Feel-good factor

Like most exercise, strength training makes you feel good! Because it helps you to lose fat faster and burn fat around the clock, you can benefit from having a well-toned body with less flab! This is particularly key, as weight gain in menopause can easily sneak up without you noticing it!

As well as tackling symptoms of the menopause and helping to shift any menopausal weight gain, strength training is good for your mood. If you’re prone to depression, strength training can help lift your mood.

BENEFIT 5: Overall wellbeing

Many mid-life women, who are approaching the menopause or are going through it tend to focus on eating right and exercising well. However, it’s also important that they reduce the everyday stresses and strains in their lives and find a happy acceptance about how their body will/is changing.

Using strength training – also called anaerobic or resistance exercises – routines is a vital element in staying healthy and looking after yourself, no matter what changes you experience and how much muscle mass you lose as you start to get older.

The benefits of strength training really are widespread, we’ve only touched on just a few of them here. Want to see the real benefits for yourself? Come along to our Women’s Strength Training programme at The Studio. For more details email