10 practical tips for (easily) integrating regular exercise into your daily routine

Whether you work full time, are consumed with family life, or just always happen to be on the go, it can be difficult to find the time to regularly exercise.

According to the Department for Health, in order to stay fit and healthy, adults (aged between 19 and 64) need to be active daily and do at least 150 minutes of moderate aerobic activity, such as brisk walking, Pilates or toning, every week.

It’s a big task, isn’t it? Especially when there doesn’t seem to be enough hours in the day.

Read on for 10 practical tips on how you can easily fit more regular exercise into your life:

TIP 1: First things first, you can split it down, depending on what works best for you. This could be 30 minutes, five days a week, or shorter bursts, such as 10 minutes, three times a day.

TIP 2: If you enjoy walking and/or cycling, try to up the amount of time you walk/cycle for and the frequency. For instance, this could involve ditching the car and walking or cycling to get your Sunday paper or doing an extra lap around the park at lunch time.

TIP 3: Make sure you do the gardening or housework, believe it or not, these two activities can be incredibly good for you.

TIP 4: Do you always park right outside where you need to get to? If it’s possible, consider parking around the corner and then walking to your destination.

TIP 5: If you catch the bus, get off a stop earlier and then walk.

TIP 6: Whether you’re at work, or out and about, always use the stairs if you can rather than the lift.

TIP 7: Put your lunch break to good use. Rather than sitting at your desk, go for a brisk walk, and if you’re really not feeling it, ask a colleague to go with you to make it more interesting.

TIP 8: If you have a dog, make sure you’re the one who walks it! And if you don’t, see if you can borrow one from a friend, family member or local dog-walking club.

TIP 9: At work, go and speak to people (especially if they’re in another part of the building) rather than calling or emailing them.

TIP 10: Do stretches, exercises, or pedal an exercise bike while watching the television.

These tips are designed to give you an idea of how easy it can be to integrate regular bursts of exercise into your life. Obviously, as with all exercise, make sure what you take on suits your personal health and individual requirements, and that you monitor your progress by setting yourself realistic goals.

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