REVIVE Bootcamp: The proven way to drop a dress or jean size in just 28 days

Are you looking for a guaranteed way to drop a dress or jean size? Do you wish you could fit back into your favourite little black dress? Or perhaps you’re fed up of your trousers feeling snug around the waistline?

That’s where our REVIVE Bootcamp sessions come in. They’re specifically guaranteed to help you get rid of stubborn body fat, improve your strength, feel fitter, fabulous and, more importantly, fit back into your favourite outfits again…

…all in just 28 days.

Still not sure? Think it sounds too good to be true? Read on to discover what Nicky, who lost 2 stone, 14 pounds after taking part in our early morning sessions, has to say about her REVIVE Bootcamp experience:


What does REVIVE Bootcamp involve?

Sign up to our four-week REVIVE Bootcamp programme and you’ll benefit from:

  • 45 minutes of indoor, fat burning group personal training sessions (designed to melt away the pounds by burning six hours worth of calories), three times a week at The Studio
  • Continuing to burn calories for up to 48 hours after your workouts
  • Our nutritional formula programme, which includes the latest cutting-edge nutritional advice, healthy eating plans and fat loss tips
  • Personal attention and excellent coaching from our team, ensuring a totally safe and effective exercise programme, plus email and telephone support
  • Access to our ‘secret’ members-only REVIVE Bootcamp Facebook group, where you can share tips, get motivational advice and chat to your fellow Bootcampers

Join our four-week REVIVE Bootcamps and we can guarantee that you’ll drop a jean size in 28 days if you attend all of the sessions and follow the nutritional programme (or we’ll give you your money back, no questions asked*).

Want to follow in Nicky’s footsteps and reap the rewards of joining Bromsgrove’s most effective Bootcamp training programme? You can sign up and/or find out more by emailing Nicola Carless at or by clicking here

* To qualify for a full refund, participants must have fully followed the nutritional programme and attended all 12 sessions 100%.